21 Best Ideas for Wedding Gifts

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21 Best Wedding Gift ideas for the bride and the groom. Casual gifts for wedding.

A wedding is an occasion to celebrate with family, friends and relatives altogether. And its sweet memories are to be cherished for a life time. On this auspicious occasion, everyone showers their best wishes, blessings and gifts on to the married couple. Every one loves to receive gifts. It can range from a lavish extravagant gift to a personalized flower bouquets or a lovely collage of good times shared. It is said that rather than looking gifts for its monetary values, the warmth and love in their relationships are to be considered.

1. Honeymoon or Holiday Package

If you are close to the newly wed couple and wouldn't mind spending ravishing amount on them, a package to their dream location is a wonderful idea. It could be overseas, a hill station in the country or any off-beat location which they love to go.

2. A Honeymoon Suite for First Night

Another extravagant gift! Complete arrangements can be done before-hand, like decorating the entire room and bed, serving wine or their favorite drink, light scented candles and so on. "Just Married" couple would be thrilled to be treated as Royals.

3. Twin Watches for the Bride and the Groom

Its a sure shot gift, as there is no need to worry about duplication, unless a same brand model has been gifted by someone else.

4. Perfumes

A set of men's and women's perfume is a nice choice.

5. Jewelry

Buying a pair of bracelets or pendants out of gold or platinum or silver is another idea. It can also be personalized by adding their names or initials on it.

6. Home Appliance

If the couple is starting a new home, then its useful and practical to give a home appliance like microwave or refrigerator or a home theatre as gift.

7. Signed Gift Card or Bank Check

You can plan to send a signed gift Check or an amount to the prescribed registry.

8. A Club Membership

A membership in a club of their choice is another option. A health club membership is ideal for fitness freaks.

9. A Quilt or a Bed Spread

If you are a skilled person, then it can be further personalized by hand weaving or knitting or imprinting some photos on to it.

10. Personalized Photo Clock

A clock with a beautiful photo of the bride and groom is a perfect wedding gift.

11. Formal Men's and Women's wears

Yet another good idea, if the newly wed couple are working professionals.

12. Cookery wares, glass wares, bar wares or Microwave safe wares are useful gifts for them.

13. Candle sets or Candle Sticks

Its a romantic idea of getting nice and scented candles for the couple, if they are too romantic.

14. Collage

A personalized snapshot of all the good times shared by them and everyone is fabulous.

15. Digital Photo Frame is yet another option, loaded with all sweet memories again.

16. Chandeliers or Fancy Lights for Home, especially if they are moving to a new home.

Casual Gifts for Wedding

17. A beautiful Jewelry box for the bride.

18. Filofax Organizer or any electronic item preferred by the groom.

19. Books that are of common interests for both of them is a good casual gift.

20. A Complete Make-up kit or a Recipe book for the bride.

21. Gift coupons or vouchers are ideal gifts for wedding. The couple can get their desired things out of it and whenever they want.


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