Top 10 Gifts for Animal Lovers

what are some ideas for gifts for a person who loves animals. what are some gift ideas for a person who owns pets.

Lots of people love animals but may not be fortunate enough to own a pet. Even if a person does own a pet they many not want gifts that are all about that animal, but may enjoy something different. This is a top ten list of gifts for animal lovers. It must be noted first of all that pets are never suitable to be given as gifts. If you want to give a pet, see gift #10 on this list.

1.  If they do not own a pet, but really want one, buy them a book on care for their favorite type of animal. Include within the book an envelope, on the envelope write “Savings Plan for my _____”. In cases where the pet is a realistic possibility, just hinging on cash, this is a great idea. Put a few dollars in the envelope to get them started.

2.  Buy a calendar featuring animal pictures. Do it right, get the calendar from a local shelter or pet rescue, in such a way part of the purchase cost goes towards really helping animals.

3.  For people who adore wildlife, adopt a polar bear, or other endangered animal that they love, in their name. Most zoos also offer the opportunity to sponsor one of their animals in the persons name and give a picture of the animal, which you can give to the recipient. You may want to give a stuffed animal of that type of animal as well as a representation of your gesture.

wild bear in alberta

photo by author

4.  Select bath or body products that are not tested on animals, and more importantly, products whose ingredients were not tested on animals. Some stores specialize in these sorts of products, in Canada look for Rocky Mountain Soap Products. Look for labels that say “Cruelty free product”. This site not only tells you which companies do not test on animals, but which do.

5.  Book stores offer high quality books featuring professional images of a variety of animals. Some of the pictures in these books are stunning. These are not necessarily information books on how to care animals; the main focus is the photography of the animals. If you can find a book where portions of the sale go to an animal charity, that is all the better.

6.  Buy them a DVD (video, etc.) on animals, either about their care, or a documentary, or what ever you can find. There are many out there, one for every age, interest, or taste. For horse lovers, look for Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, or Cloud.

7.  Find shirts, bed spreads, pajamas, etc. with beautiful animal prints on them. An animal lover will be picky, and some of these products may have poorly illustrated animals, so be picky. You will find more correct looking animals by looking for products at pet supply stores, livestock feed stores, zoo gift stores, and so forth.

chickadee on a feeder

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8.  A bird feeder is a great gift for somebody who has a place they can put it, but never give a bird feeder without giving them some food to put in. As a rule, different birds are attracted by different types of feed, so find out what birds are in your area and buy food according to what birds they may like to have in their yard. Do not buy a bird feeder for a person who has cats that go outside.

9.  Plan a special trip for them for them to the zoo, or an animal rescue. Some pet shelters will give tours. A true animal lover would be thrilled to have you make a donation in their name for the ongoing care of the animals (in fact some animal lovers ask for donations be made to animal shelters in lieu of giving gifts).

10.  Finally if the person wants a pet and you are considering giving them a pet, do not do it! People bond far more with pets they have chosen for themselves. Rather you may give them supplies or even better yet, a gift certificate to your local animal shelter for the adoption fee of the type of animal they want. This way they can pick the animal they want, and a time they are ready for it.

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